All About the Little Monsters

What is a sock monster? Sock Monsters are handmade plush toys made from socks, fluff, buttons, beads and love. They are friendly, feed off of hugs and attention, and don't bite much. They range in all sorts of sizes, colors, shapes and personalities and they play well with others.

All of Leonleaf's Sock Monsters are handmade with love and care by Andrew Kornblatt. Andrew has been making these little guys for the past six years and has made an estimated 1000 of the little ones.

The idea for these sock monsters came from Stupid Sock Creatures, by John Murphy. I took some of his designs and curbed them so that they were my own creations. Please check out his site and if you get the bug to make them, please do!

About the Creator

Andrew is a San Francisco bay area local artists, crafts person and all around awesome gentleman. He has been participating in the local art and craft-fair scene for the past 6 years and looks forward to all the wild adventures that the future holds. If you would like to meet Andrew, do check out the where page to see where you can find him and his creations either at craft fairs or boutiques around the city.

You can contact Andrew here: akornblatt @